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Any person of any age (new born to the elderly) and with any need or disability can benefit from Kinesiology.

Kinesiology can be used to improve performance, education, sports, business, health, emotional and physical wellbeing, the achievement of goals and the success of other treatments. Kinesiology can assist with that because it creates balance and harmony in all functions of the body no matter what the problem or goal may be. Once the body is in balance around the problem then the body is better able to heal itself and achieve the desired outcomes.

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Kinesiology might assist with the following conditions and situations:



Depression, anxiety, worry

Fears and phobias

Suppressed emotions

Destructive thought patterns/ overthinking

Limiting beliefs/ self-negative attitudes

Self sabotage

Disconnection between heart, mind and self

Low self-esteem, confidence, self-worth


Personal development

Goal setting and achievement

Life purpose/ career

Finding joy and passion

Relationships (partner, parents, kids)


Digestive problems

Insomnia/ poor sleep

Exhaustion/ chronic fatigue

Weight reduction

Allergies/ intolerance

Asthma & breathing issues

Auto-immune disease



Pre/post-natal care

Low immunity

Nutritional support/toxicities

Pain (back, neck, hip etc)



Skin conditions