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Our Techniques

A treatment plan is tailored to suit client’s needs, it may include but is not limited to the following techniques:

Muscle monitoring (bio-neurological feedback)
TCM & Acupressure
Ba Gua Constitutions
Neurovascular & Lymphatic Reflexes
Neuro-musculoskeletal Techniques
Bowen Myofascial Release
Trigger Points Techniques
Progressive Relaxation Techniques
Emotional Motor System (EMS)
Harmonic technique

Holistic Counselling
Emotional Stress Release (ESR)
Dietary, Nutrition & Lifestyle Advice
Homeopathy & Tissue salts
Bach, Bush & Desert Flower Essences
Chakra Energetic Balancing
Colour and Sound Therapy (Tibetian bowls)
Inner Child Work
Crystals and more….